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The Owners

As the proud owners of Natural Beginnings Early Learning World, we have one clear aim. To make Natural Beginnings the best centre in Townsville. To stand out from the crowd we not only provide a natural playground and natural equipment but with a new approach to childcare in general.

The essence of our centre is : ” nurturing core values”

We want to return to the basic old fashioned values of love, respect for others, manners, friendship and fun. We see the fundamentals of pre reading, writing, numeration, colour, shape and indeed a love of learning as a cornerstone in success at school and beyond.

I began my career as a primary teacher and moved to early childhood when my own children were young. I opened my first centre in a local hall and soon was asked to start another in a neighbouring community. Luckily Phil has a background in the building trade and was able to build a brand new centre, which I ran and which later ran under supervision for 15 years (with mostly the same staff) before selling it in 2012.

Somewhere in those years I taught English as a second language, started a business for reading readiness for 4 year olds and was the director for a centre.

We invite all the community to come anytime to chat or just look to see what people are talking about and what we have achieved using Phil’s creative and practical skill and my educational background .

We believe we stand out from the crowd as being the first truly natural, back to basics childcare centre in Townsville.

Annette and Phil Trengove

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