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Nursery Room 6 weeks – 15 months

At this early stage self directed play based activities are often based around life skills and communication. Great importance is placed on meeting individual needs and routines to promote a sense of belonging. Communication with parents is seen as of paramount importance for a carefree transition between home and the centre.

Toddler Room 15 months – 2 .5 yrs

Play is often based around life skills with role play becoming a more important part as children learn to deal with issues such as sharing and turn taking.

Educators create learning opportunities which stimulate everyday concepts such as colour and shape.

Junior Kindy Room 2.5 yrs – 3.5 yrs

In this room children are consolidating on what has been learnt and there is a gradual transition towards taking responsibility for their own choices and learning. The programme caters for this self led style and adds to it a wide range of concepts and learning through child initiated play.

Kindergarten Room 3 yrs – 5 yrs

The government approved programme in this room expands from where the children are at in their learning and provides for a balance of play based and teacher led activities which steer children towards school readiness and well rounded, socially able participants capable of group and independent learning.

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