Our Team

Tracey Bauer

Centre Director/ Nominated Supervisor

With 28 years’ experience in the childcare industry Tracey believes that a child’s wellbeing is paramount in building confidence, positive self esteem and resilience. A holistic approach to childcare builds a love of learning that can be carried through a child’s school years to achieve greatness in all they wish to do. Through love, nurture and consistency Tracey facilitates and provides Natural Beginnings’ families, including staff, with a warm, inviting space where children thrive and belong.

Louise Davies

Centre 2IC/Business Admin

After moving to Australia in 2016 Louise was keen to continue working in Childcare as she had run her own home day-care service for 10 years. Louise is passionate about providing inclusive environments where children feel safe, secure and supported while maintaining the centre’s values in delivering a warm and caring space where every child is welcomed.

Ayesha Dobson

Kindergarten Teacher