The Owners

As the proud owners of Natural Beginnings Early Learning World, we have one clear aim, to ensure Natural Beginnings is known as the best child care centre in Townsville. We stand out from the crowd, and provide a natural environment, encompassing natural equipment, ensuring that the essence of our centre” nurturing core values” is felt by all who enter.

The values of love, respect for others, manners, friendship and fun are fostered throughout the centre. We see the fundamentals of pre reading, writing, numeration, colour, shape and indeed a love of learning as a cornerstone in success at school and beyond. These beliefs and views have arisen from over twenty-five years’ experience of not just owning but running our own centres in New Zealand and many years as Educator and Director in Australian centres. We know just how important choosing the right centre is for parents and have strived to provide this for you by using my educational background and Phil’s wealth of knowledge in the building industry to provide our centre with its fantastic facilities.

Our esteemed Director and Nominated Supervisor of the centre, Tracey Bauer, ensures Natural Beginnings is all of the above; with the help of her loving, caring, nurturing and professional team who she will only refer to as family.

We believe we stand out from the crowd as being the first truly natural, back to basics childcare centre in Townsville.

Annette and Phil Trengove